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Membership Requirements ­ PRO Policies

  1. Company must be in Business for at least one calendar year.
  2. Company is the member. Company can send any employee. If employee leaves the business for another job, retires or is laid off or dismissed, the company is responsible for sending another representative to the meetings.
  3. If an individual Member pays for membership in their name but is represented by the company, the member owns that membership, not the company, if member changes and goes to another company that is in the same category as long as the company he or she goes to work for has been in business for one calendar year the member can then change their membership to that company.
  4. Each member is required to place at least (2) two referrals each month with members. Each member should always be on the look out for business that can be referred to another member.
  5. Member Companies ­ No more than 40 Companies will be members.
  6. One Business Category except for professionals that are licensed for a particular state. Example: there are (3) states in the tri-state area. There is the possibility for a licensed professional from each state. This only applies to professions which require a license, other exceptions would need to be voted on by the group.
  7. To stay in good standing all members must come to meetings unless sickness, family emergency, out of town or very important business deters that member from attending and no replacement is available. If member misses more than three meetings in one calendar year they would be removed from all advertising and member benefits. If there is an issue that can not be avoided it is your responsibility to call ASAP. Please contact Kathryn Raaker kraaker123@gmail.com or phone 513-616-6986
  8. All Membership Dues must be kept up to date.
  9. Cost of Membership is $210 per calendar year this includes the website. ­ Yearly dues are billed typically in January. If a new member joins at a different time during the year, dues are to be paid at time of the year every calendar year. Example: if new member joins in May then the following May his or her membership is due.
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