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History of PRO 
PRO ­started in 1982 in San Francisco, by Kathryn Raaker. The original Tri-State Group started in 1989 in Cincinnati, Ohio and meetings were held at the Garfield House. There were 40 members; Kathryn started the first International PRO in Singapore in 1994; in 1996 she started another group in Ankara, Turkey. Upon moving back to the states she founded the first New Jersey area PRO group in 1999. Relocating back to Ohio in 2001, she reformatted PRO in 2005.  There have been 10 successful PRO Groups worldwide.

Meetings are every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 
COVID Update:

Because of the Covid-19 situation and the desire to expand our reach, we will hold Zoom meetings. Members will receive an email with the registration information so we will be able to plan for the number of participants. Zoom is fairly easy to use. The email will include the link for you to attend. Click on the link a few minutes before the meeting and join the meeting. Once the host logs in, they will admit you to the meeting. You can select to join with or without video. 


The PRO Difference
WHY IS PRO DIFFERENT? What is the difference between a leads group and PRO? The difference is that a lead is just a piece of information. A referral is a recommendation directed to a specific business, client, or need for a service. Referrals What kinds of Referrals are there? How do they work? There are two different types of referrals: One is specific, the other is general. A specific referral means a member connection has a need for a service or product NOW. A general referral is a member’s connection and they will have the need for service at some time in the future. Our PRO’s refer to each other first before going anywhere else.

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