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Welcome to the Professional Referral Group or PRO

Tri-State PRO Group is here to assist its members with information and informative discussions that will help them in making their businesses grow and prosper. If you are a Company, Small Business, Corporation, or Self-Employed Professional then we would like to invite you to become a PRO Member Today! JOIN

The PRO Difference

WHY IS PRO DIFFERENT? What is the difference between a leads group and PRO? The difference is that a lead is just a piece of information. A referral is a recommendation directed to a specific business, client or need for a service. Referrals What kinds of Referrals are there? How do they work? There are two different types of referrals: One is specific, the other is general. A specific referral means a member connection has a need for a service or product NOW. A general referral is a member’s connection and they will have the need for service at some time in the future. Our PRO’s refer to each other first before going anywhere else.


Once a month we typically hold meetings with one of our members typically being our speaker or inviting a special guest speaker. However, since Covid-19, we have started holding Zoom meetings and that has allowed others to join in.  Please read the letting from the organizer, Kathryn Raaker below.

Dear Pro Members,
Things are changing new business opportunities are happening. I recovered from Cov-id19 and the Energizer Bunny is Back!! Thanks for all your prayers! I hope all of you are doing well during these difficult times. Our first meeting went well on Zoom on May 13th. Kevin Moorman did a great job. We kept it to an hour and it went well. We hope you can join us on June 10th at noon. I sent out the Zoom invitation hope you will all respond.

I am doing Zoom meetings with new companies around the country that open up referrals to all of us. And we are quite excited to have companies that want to join to help all of us with new business opportunities.  We will wait to see if locally Red Lobster here will be able to do our local meeting as well for the near future. I hope you are doing well and your families during this Pandemic. 

Kathryn Raaker


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