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Welcome to the Tri-State Professional Referral Group or PRO

Tri-State PRO Group is here to assist its members with information and informative discussions that will help them in making their businesses grow and prosper. If you are a Company, Small Business, Corporation or Self-Employed Professional then we would like to invite you to become a PRO Member Today! JOIN


The PRO Difference

WHY IS PRO DIFFERENT? What is the difference between a leads group and PRO? The difference is that a lead is just a piece of information. A referral is a recommendation directed to a specific business, client or need for a service. Referrals What kinds of Referrals are there? How do they work? There are two different types of referrals: One is specific, the other is general. A specific referral means a member connection has a need for a service or product NOW. A general referral is a member’s connection and they will have the need for service at some time in the future. Our PRO’s refer to each other first before going anywhere else.



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